Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The First Work Day of the New Year!

Coffee in the New Orleans skyline mug, the theme from Titanic on Muzak in my left ear--interspersed with "Your call is important to us, all customer care associates are busy assisting other customers. Please stay on the line and your will be answered in the order in which it was received"--oh wait, there's a beep from teh call waiting... And I managed to remain on hold, answer the incoming call from a gallery requesting a pick-up time, and get back to being on hold WITHOUT DROPPING THE FIRST CALL! That's a first--and it was an accident: I didn't push the button I usually pushed, the button that disconnects the first caller (you'd think I would have learned that somewhere in the first 87 times, but I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong).


A break from posting to do some actual working and now (several hours later) I am back to finish posting. Kiln loaded? Check. Orders shipped? Check. Deposit made? Check. Service people scheduled? Check. Miscellaneous *stuff* accomplished? Check, check, check!

Woke in the middle of the night with an anxiety attack about doing the suppliers list for the book. Vowed to do it first thing today in order to get back to sleep. 3:53 pm is not exactly first thing, and I'm still not working on it, but at least the anxiety has passed. Now to get back to it!

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Bill said...

We're all so proud to be reading as you advance in your duties...