Thursday, January 17, 2008

Postcard Time

No coffee, no music, what's the world coming to? Actually it's too late for coffee (there was some earlier and I am a before-noon coffee drinker--I like tea in the afternoon) and I just don't feel like music. If'n I did feel like music it would be "Racing To The Red Light" by James McMurtry. That's the kind of day (life?) I'm having.

The postcard for the year is done! Like it? If you don't, it's too late to do anything about it, I dropped it at the printer 10 minutes ago. Printing. Printing is an issue for everyone in the arts and crafts field. Many people I know choose to go with Modern Postcard, or Image Media, or some other on-line, gang run printing company. (Note: "gang run" in printing does not mean run by a gang. Instead, "gang run printing describes a printing method in which multiple printing projects are placed on a common printing sheet in an effort to reduce printing costs and paper waste. ")

I am usually all about on-line servicing, but I have tried both of the previously-named companies in the past and not had good results. Yes, the pricing is attractive, but it is balanced by a lack of individual attention which for me in the past has meant that I end up getting something I am not happy with. I could pay more with the on-line company for a higher level of service, but I'd still end up with a faceless person over the phone (at best). Or I could pay more and deal face-to-face in person with someone in a local company who is looking at a proof of my card with me and addressing my concerns *personally*.

Now that the card is done it's time to move on to the suppliers list (to the publisher *today*, absolutely, positively, no more delays!!!) and the class list. I have three places interested in having me teach classes for them, time to get something to teach put together. Oh yes, and firing, and labeling the boxes for tomorrow's big shipment, and gymnastics, and ballet. Oy. It must be Thursday.

PS--It SNOWED here yesterday!


Bill said...

Perhaps you should consider snow on your postcard?

Dee said...

argh! i got my tucson postcard done and it's sitting downstairs, still gotta do the bmac postcard but i have been working on the mailing list spreadsheet at least. gotta get the postcard done this weekend...

and the snow looked FABULOUS while it lasted ;P