Monday, April 30, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!

Second post of the day, but couldn't resist. Forgot to mention earlier that the night before I got on the road I managed to get a Flickr page done for all the new pieces on stands. They're not on my website because I can't figure out how to make a new page using the heinous EZNettools software interface (why the hell can't I just ftp pages there like I can to every other [civilized] hosting company?). I will, however, put a link to them up on my homepage prochainement. That means soon. My good intention to speak nothing but English to Sophie has thus far fallen by the wayside and I find myself thinking more and more--and blogging a bit--in French. That will have to stop.

Now off to read through my book before heading to the Convention Center to unload and begin set-up.


Bill Paley said...

...and don't waste time and money gambling!

Anonymous said...

Gamble - Are you crazy, She gambles everytime she does a show. Did I make the right things? Did I bring enough? Will the people show up? Will I sell anything? Will I make it from Atlanta to the show and home again safely? These are the real gambles. The gambling in Vegas is for whimps. Try gambling your whole business everyday.