Friday, April 27, 2007

Lasers Et My Book!

Coffee in the San Francisco mug, "In Without Knockin' " by Mission Mountain Wood Band on iTunes. The life of the author continues! This morning at 7:30 UPS delivered the black and white laser prints of my book. Now I have a week to review them for the penultimate edit (the ultimate edit comes with the color lasers). First thing I noticed is that the dedication is missing--gonna have to fix that. And I have to send in the artist statement now that it has been winnowed down to 200 words (thank you Bryon!). This edit is for corrections of errors only, but I am going to beg for a photo to be swapped out: There are three pictures of my work in the introduction, and not one of them is a box. I understood a box would be included and since that's the award-winning work (and my best), it would be nice to have it in.

But the book will have to wait. Today two gallery orders ship, one gets hand-delivered, everything gets photographed in the new photo area, and I send pictures to the Milwaukee Museum of Art so they can order early next week. They have an impressionism exhibit this summer and would like to have my work in time for it. I also need to drill the hard walls for my booth and begin the packing process. Oh yes, and I have to collect my new intern (who is also my god daughter Sophie) from the airport this afternoon. She is arriving from Paris and the first thing we are going to do to get ready for the Vegas show is get pedicures. Yum. Great way to end a week and begin a journey.

Now I need to get showered and dressed so I am ready when Dee gets here with her stuff. She is another local artist doing ACRE. We were going to share shipping to the show, but since I am driving I am just going to carry it all in the van. She's a jeweler so she doesn't need much room.

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Jodi said...

Drive safely!

Bill Paley said...

So, how many people are going together in the vehicle?