Thursday, April 26, 2007

And I'm Out the Door Again

Coffee in the Chicago skyline mug (abandoned forlornly somewhere upstairs as I ran around the house getting ready like a madwoman this morning). "Wednesday Morning, 3 AM" by Simon and Garfunkel on iTunes. It was actually Thursday morning 3 Am when I woke to the pitter patter of little feet headed our way down the hall. Someone had a bad dream. Then it was Thursday morning 5:07 Am when I finally gave up trying to sleep sandwiched between two restless bodies and put her, snoring gently, back in her own bed. The following 2.5 hours of sleep were crucial to the success of my day.

Now I type furiously before heading out the door... again. I spent all day yesterday in the car driving hither and yon (hence the lack of post) and today is shaping up to be almost as bad. On the plus side, I have hard walls and new lower shelves for my pedestals. I have enough crossbars to support the walls, the lights and the hanging panels. I got pvc pipe and potting soil, and took 1/2 a personal day to schlep J to a photo shoot for her new modeling gig. Hah. I am the mother of the Talent.

Personal days. Most people who work in the corporate world take them for granted. Well I am in the corporate world (my studio is incorporated) and I think they are a pain in the ass. All a personal day means is that I have to work extra some other time to make up for it.

Find a happy place, find a happy place, find a happy place... oh yeah! Looks like I am going to pick up another museum store--Milwaukee Museum of Art. that makes three major city art museums carrying my work. Sure, I'm not in their permanent collections (ROFLOL at the thought), but it's a start. Just makes it that much more imperative to get the work photographed and in a catalog. Pics tomorrow. The rework of the Trout series is stunning, the new stands are too.

Now to relate a tale of woe. I posted the other day about screwing up the firing schedule and not doing the pieces I needed for the new stands. Well, I did worse. I have two gallery orders going out tomorrow and when I inventoried the pieces the other night to make sure I had them all, I discovered that I had made all the pieces from BOTH galleries' orders from the 2006 BMAC, not the 2007 BMAC.... I had all the wrong work. Was in the studio till 11:30 the night before last frantically trying to clean up after that one. But I think I caught everything and made all the pieces I need. Good thing I had a day of slack in the schedule because now I will be firing right up until I leave--there'll be 150 degree pieces being loaded into the car Saturday morning for sure.


Jodi said...

Once again, sheer exhaustion overtakes me as a read your post. Good luck.

Bill Paley said...

Bravo! Your emulation of the headless chicken must be infinitely amusing to your entire household. Perhaps you'll be able to slow down and relax in Las Vegas? (As if.)