Thursday, April 05, 2007

This Is a Whole New Kind of Show

Coffee is brewing (more on that in a minute), "Desperados Under the Eaves" by Warren Zevon on iTunes. I have outsmarted myself with the new coffee maker. In search of better bean brew I succumbed to the Bodum Santos 3000 pictured at right. After months of a love-hate relationship (he is... difficult) I find that I have to make my own coffee every morning (Dave used to do it for me) because it is such a pain to clean, and we now go through coffee like, well, water. Is the alleged superiority of the brew worth the sacrifice of having to brew and wait for my own coffee every morning? Or would I have to make it anyway because Dave is tired of making coffee for me every day?

What does it say about your day that your first obsession upon waking is about a caffeine-bearing substance? And why is every sentence today a question? Bean juice is in the Montreal skyline mug, back to the real world. "Choctaw Hayride" performed by Alison Krauss on iLike. The speed matches my need for the next ten minutes. I have to get the dogs to the vet by 9:15 which means leaving in 10 minutes. Can I say it all in 10? We'll see.

Have to switch pre-show gears completely for ACRE. Usually I can make the pieces I am taking right up till the day I leave. I have been known to pull 200 degree bowls out of the kiln, wrap them in towels, toss them in the van and head out. Not this time. Yesterday I slogged through more freight company quotes and the bottom line for everyone is that I have to be ready to ship by 4/17... That's two full weeks before the show. I was already planning on 4/20 and that was already early. 4/17 is like ta kill me. To borrow from yesterday, I will be humping again today to get it all done. Heck, I still haven't had final confirmation of delivery next week for the crate I ordered the other day. And iTunes really has a sense of humor this morning: "Let It Be" by the Beatles just came on. Maybe that's to be my trick, I'll just let it be what it will be.

PS--I knew the dogs would get to the vet before I got my mammogram!

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Bill Paley said...

Well, the dogs are bigger and more noticeable, thereby leading to getting their way before you do...