Friday, April 06, 2007

Pre-Show Anxt

Coffee in the Los Angeles skyline mug, "After All" performed by Cher and Peter Cetera on iTunes--the proof that the music is random because otherwise there is no way I would admit listening to Cher. Although the song that came on just after is much more appropriate to the day: "The Black Gate Opens" by Howard Shore from the Lord of the Rings, Return of the King. My black gate is opening. It's called preparing for ACRE. Yesterday, thanks to Dee Janssen, I found the artist discussion group for the show and gleaned from it that crossbars are not free (I am spoiled by the Rosen shows which provided free, unlimited metal). I also read much about everyone else's shipping dilemmas.

Every show I redo my display to some extent. I start out by saying I am just going to use the same layout and display I did for the last show (unless I have had a configuration change like going from 10 X 15 to 10 X 20 or some such). Then halfway through the process I think I should make some major changes like finally investing in interlocking foam or carpet squares, or renting hardwalls for this particular show, or some other major, expensive thing. Like maybe canceling buying the plastic crate, canceling the airline tickets and just DRIVING 1972 miles to Vegas. See the USA in a... Honda. If the show were later in the year I would drive so I could head up to Montana to visit the parents at the end of it. And I'd take Jessie. Heck, I'd have my Mom meet me there to watch Jessie and help with the show. Or I could get Dave to fly out and we'd all go to California after the show. See how things can spin out? Back to earth.

For the One of a Kind Show last December I invested in my own upright and crossbar system to support my lights. I don't bring them to the BMAC, but I am going to have to bring them to ACRE because of the pay-for-your-crossbar thing. And I revisit the carpet issue. Every year I rent carpet at the BMAC and it costs like sin. I should just bite the bullet and buy it. I have resisted because I didn't want to have to manage a large roll, but the 2' interlocking squares are another matter. I can buy foam squares cheaply at Sam's Club, or carpet squares with foam backing specifically for tradeshows expensively from a tradeshow supplier, or I can get flat (no foam) interlocking carpet squares at Home Depot less expensively. Or I can just use the free, grey carpet provided for ACRE and worry about the other carpet issue for the BMAC this summer saving me shipping costs to Vegas for yet one more thing, and saving the hassle of trying to get it by next week--not to mention the anxt of PICKING THE COLOR. Do I go red? Blue? Black?

Where I go is down to the studio to start firing the pieces I need for the show. Carol (the assistant/apprentice) will be here any minute and we have a Full Day.

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Bill Paley said...

The word you want is "angst".