Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Paperwork, Paperwork

Coffee in the New York skyline mug, "Blue Trail of Sorrow" sliding into "Stay", both performed by Alison Krauss and the Union Station on iTunes. A day (really, truly this time) of bookkeeping and management begins. Yesterday was not spent on glass or business except for the one firing I had to get in. I did, however, have a conversation with my publisher and all of my concerns were addressed and fears were allayed. I am now much relieved and moving on to the next project.

The next project is a very annoying one that I am dragging my feet on. A couple of years ago I had a gallery go out of business. Towards the end they gave me a bad check for one month's worth of sales (it was a local gallery and I had work there on consignment). I went back to get another check and ended up pulling the rest of my work on a gut feeling. Good thing as when I went back the next week (the owner wasn't in on the previous visit) the gallery was closed forever and all the work in it was gone--some of it (like mine) there on consignment and not paid for. I never did find the gallery owner, he went to ground with practiced ease and I never got paid the $800+ he owed me for two months worth of sales. Sean Thomas of Hodge Podge, wherever you are, what comes around goes around. And you had better not come around here or we will have a go around.

Now I have a gallery that ordered from me at last summer's Buyer's Market Show for delivery the first of November. I shipped on time and they were happy with the work. I gave them Net 30 terms so they should have paid me by the first of December. I have now called, written and faxed requesting payment and still... nothing. So my new project for the day is to research collection/credit reporting options for bad debtors.

I mentioned the other day that I moved the pond from the back deck to the front porch. The fountain is also inside right now waiting for the painter to come and stain the deck... that's truly a story for Stranded in the South. Everyone has a contractor story. I am working up to a doozy. Anyway, one of the squirrels who is accustomed to drinking out of the pond or fountain just wandered around the deck and then came to back door, put his paws on it and glared through it accusingly at me. I'm going to tell him it's the painter's fault and sick him on him.

Enough nattering. Time to cross things off the list!

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Bill Paley said...

Oh, those squirrels can be murder!

Next thing you know, you're in front of a Congressional committee discussing rodent entitlement programs...