Friday, March 09, 2007

I Did Friday Night On Thursday

No coffee, no music. Groan. Too much cutting loose and celebrating last night. Carol will be here in the next hour for a full day in the studio and I feel... awful. Note to self: Weight Watcher's decreases one's tolerance to spirits. One of Mike's concoctions on an empty stomach is not a good idea. Two... 'nough said. It's gonna be a bumpy ride today.

I wasn't planning to fire this weekend, but editing the book really put me behind and I lost two full days of kiln time that I now need to make up. Orders that should have shipped today will ship Monday--along with a couple of orders that should have shipped 2/24. Ack, ack ack!

And that's enough to post. Scintillating is beyond me today. Heck, coping may be beyond me. And I have this little niggling feeling that I am forgetting something important that I have to do today, Or Else. It would probably help if I could remember what the Or Else is. Ah well, back to sleep till Carol gets here.

1 comment:

Bill Paley said...

Isn't scintillation a good thing for someone who works in glass?

I think you have some work to do on your accounts; maybe some bills that have gone too far in arrears?