Thursday, March 08, 2007

Another Contest!

No coffee yet, "Woods" by George Winston on iTunes. It seems hardly right to have another contest when Andrea still has not collected her prize from the last one, but my brain is fried and I have a deadline of TODAY. So here's the challenge: Each of the projects in the book has one or more tips associated with it. The tips are going into a sidebar on the project page. I just used the heading "Tips" for my sidebar, but the publisher wants something jazzier. They suggested "Hot Tips". Cindy Jenkins' book on glass bead making (same publisher) also uses the term "hot tips", as does Gil Reynolds in his video on kiln forming. I think not. Warm Tips (for "warm" or kiln-formed glass) is already used by Brad Walker on (not going there, no way, no how). So I need a name that is a good soundbite for the project sidebar tips. Winner gets... oh, something good before Mother's Day. I need it NOW so get thinking.

It's O'Dark Thirty and I am up working on the book, again. Weren't these days supposed to be over? (Remember done, done, done!?). Editing is taking longer than I thought it would, again, and I have bumped fusing and shipping back yet another day. I am now past due on the ship dates for five orders with two more due to go out next week.

It's also time to start preparing for the ACRE show in Vegas the first of May--hotel room, airline tickets, shipping plan and shipping cartons. Time is compressing again and I go blithely on committing to more and more projects and deadlines. I think it's congenital.

I close with the artist photo I got from the photographer yesterday for the book jacket. Clearly my little I-don't-like-any-of-the-portraits meltdown yesterday was undeserved. I love professional airbrushing.


Bill Paley said...

How about "Here's How!"

Or "Something More"

Or "Try This"

Or "To Insure Promptness".

I thought the photo was due to pancake makeup; isn't Adobe Photoshop wonderful?

Anonymous said...


Beautiful photo!


ren said...

yowza! what a lovely photo (and cute dimple!)

all my suggestions are too cutesy and sound too much like directions but maybe they will spark someone else. things like "warm it up", or "polished to perfection". even "hints" or "tips and tricks" seem a little precious. how about..."stop "frit"ering away your time and do it this way!"


seriously, i think "tips" says it all (and "hot tips" and "warm tips" would be of dirty amongst my immature friends).

Jodi said...

Your gorgeous!

"Shards Of Wisdom"
"Bits And Baubles"
"Shiny Tips"

Okay, that last one is really dorky.

And why is Ren calling me immature.

ren said...

did i say you? DID I? no. i meant my OTHER immature friends, who are also your immature friends.

ok, sorry, put it all together "hot tips for warm glass" or is that too much type for your sidebars? eh, just tell them to use a smaller font.

and yes, i did come all the way back here to talk trash with jodi. and yes, that is immature. but it entertains us.

ren said...

ya could just call it "glass incarnate"... because tips do make things comprehensible...

Brenda Griffith said...

Thank you to everyone who has played the game so far--there are some great suggestions, and, yes, a few dorky ones. But some of us ARE dorks so what can you expect? I have been given a week's reprieve to come up with something so KEEP THINKING!

Jodi said...

Oh, I just assumed because I do deem "hot tips" to sound kind of dirty.

"molten advice"
"spicy morsels"


What about a little eyeglasses says "look here" and is a play on "glass."

Still too dorky I'm sure, but I'll keep trying!