Friday, March 23, 2007

New Stands! (And a Poll)

(Two posts for one today--see the post below this one for the continuing saga of an almost-author.)

I didn't post Thursday because I went to South Carolina for the day to meet with Bill and Elaine Snell of Elliott Metal Works. They designed some stands for me to use with my glass panels and had the first set of prototypes ready yesterday. Wow. Can I just say WOW?.

Shown here are the first-run prototypes which are already being tweaked to show a more intimate relationship between the glass and the metal (the metal on some of them will come up higher on the sides, embracing and cradling the glass more). I am very excited about debuting them at the American Craft Retailers Expo in Vegas in May.

Now I would love some feedback on which styles you like best. Vote early and often (just kidding!). Incentive? Next Saturday I will do a random drawing for someone to win their favorite stand and glass panel. No kidding.

One entry per person.
All entries must contain serious critique of the stands--both positives and negatives of each style (what you like, what you don't like, what would make it more attractive, as applicable)
All entries must contain a 1-10 ranking of each stand (one is awful, 10 is stupendous)
All entries must contain a comparative ranking all the stands (1 is the favorite, six is the least favorite).

The glass is shown with the stands to give an idea of the size of the pieces in relation to each other, the weight and balance of the glass with the metal, etc. I am not looking for a critique of the glass at this time. The stands are meant to go with all of my color series, but if you feel strongly about which stands go best with which glass, by all means let me know. Lastly, I took all the pictures in front of a light wood wall so the colors in the glass were a bit affected (i.e., this isn't the best photography; don't downgrade the work on it). Thanks for your input!

Japanese Wave or Chinese Dragon

Blades of Grass

Geometric Solid


Flame and Wave


mom said...

this is not an official entry--your father and I both like the blades of grass ones best. The wave is also nice--and the flame, too.

Bill Paley said...

Oh, my aching back.

I like Flame and Wave and there you have it from a barbarian.

Jodi said...

Wow, this sounds like a lot of work. I'll see if I can do what you want by that deadline...when I'm not at work. ;-)

Brenda Griffith said...

Yeah, it's a lot of work, but look at the upside: You have a chance at owning your favorite piece for free! And chances are pretty good for winning right now as NO ONE HAS TAKEN THE POLL! (thanks Mom, for the quickie :-)

Anonymous said...

Ok, Here's my 2 cents worth. The Japanese wave and Chineese Dragon get a 1 from me. Too Busy and detracts from design.
Blades of Glass gets a 10, shows off the glass.
Geometric Solid gets a 5, again it is too busy.
Lattice gets a 2, The lattice goes into the design and detracts from it. If pulled back to the edges, it might work. It covers too much of the plate.
Flame I give an 8. Like the idea but think that the middle piece is too thick. Maybe narrow it down a little.
Wave maybe a 6. Like what I can see but it blends into the plate and can't see it really.

Guess that leaves my 1st choice as Blades of Glass.


Smasty said...

I'll play! They did great work!
Japanese: 3
Grass: 10
Geo: 1
Lattice: 7
Flame: 4
Wave: 10
I think Japanese, Geo, and Flame distract from the glass. I totally love Grass, and Wave is close behind.

Jodi said...

Eek...I overwhelmed by this assignment! I like all of them except for the Geometric one.

Wave/Dragon: 8
Grass: 6 (the points worry me a little)
Geo: 1 (it's just ugly and detracts from the beautiful glass)
Lattice: 8
Flame/Wave: 7