Tuesday, March 06, 2007

How Did My Inbox Get So Full?

Coffee was a Jupiter extra large with an extra shot of espresso, but it is long gone. No music. From feeling relaxed and laid back, I am back to stressed and rushed in a day. How did that happen? I started the morning by updating my to do list and I was shocked (and appalled) at its length and timeline. I need a clone. And I am supposed to be slowing down a bit this year!

Though I sad I am done with the book that was really wishful thinking as I still have to read the final edits from the senior editor by tomorrow... and I haven't even started yet. I am dragging my feet as already the notes from the copy editor on the changes that were made have my back up. *sigh* This afternoon I really have to grit my teeth and read the whole book again.

The in-the-studio work needs to start back up today too. I have an order scheduled to ship today, and I need to fuse a load in preparation for the three orders I have scheduled to go out this week. I had better get making! And speaking of orders, yesterday at the end of the day I got my first order from the Museum of Fine Art in Boston (thankfully not due till mid-April). I Talked to their buyer at the BMAC a couple of weeks ago and gave her a recommended piece list. She was in a rush so she took it to review and finally got back to me yesterday. I love museum shops! The Art Institute in Chicago is going great guns with my work, I continue my work for the Jewish Museum of New York and am now designing for them too, and now the MFAB!

Besides the above tasks, somehow I need to fold in creating a photography area so I can shoot all my work as soon as I make it. I need a picture of every size piece in every series and color for an online catalog--both for my website and for wholesalecrafts.com. I have an intern starting the first of May for two months. I wish she were starting now so I could assign photography and organization to her. But I need to have the catalogs and pictures done before May.

Marketing also owns a piece of my soul in terms of where I need to put my immediate efforts. The wholesalecrafts.com website and my own website need at least a couple of dedicated weeks of design work asap. But asap after the book goes to finishing the financial papers for last year for the accountant so she can file the business taxes next week.

Maybe it's time to try dedicated days for activities. I need two firing prep days per week to prepare for 5-10 firings. I could do one day for studio organization (unpacking glass, setting up the vitrigraph kiln, setting up the photography area, cleaning the shipping area and putting away the new boxes, cleaning the garage--I mean 'studio annex', etc.). One day would do for webpages. And one floating day could be for paperwork or whatever needs it. I think I'll give this schedule a shot next week.


Jodi said...

It is criminal how quickly vacation relaxation fades. I do look forward to hearing about your cruise. I so hope to go on one someday!

Bill Paley said...

It's clear that you need fourteen days a week for at least six months. Not to mention sudden needs, and unexpected turns of events.

Poor dear...

Brenda Griffith said...

I need lithium. See today's post. Lithium, dammit!