Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Conundrum

No coffee, no music. Finishing he post I wrote last night by adding the photos.

I know tomorrow is going to be insanely busy getting ready for the photoshoot and it's going to be tough to find time to post. So I am getting a jump on it by doing it tonight before I go to bed. First the kudo of the day: the Rosen Group has started a new blog called Wholesale Matters. I noticed someone came to Glass Incarnate from there a couple of days ago and I thought I would see how they were referred. Turns out, there's a big ole link here on the top left of their page under Blogs We Read! Sparked me to update Glass Incarnate with a section of links to useful art/craft and business sites. Enjoy!

Now for the conundrum. I have to put my order for my booth into the exposition services for the Buyer's Market by Wednesday in order to get the early submission discount. I have always had drapery walls for that show and used large format photography as my big wall-art pieces. However, I was so pleased with my hardwall display with all the hanging panels at the One of a Kind Show that I am tempted to replicate it somewhat for this show. I say "somewhat" because I have a three-walled 10 X 15 booth for the BMAC instead of the single-walled 10 X 20 I had at the OKSS. And the BMAC only provides two walls in their hardwall set-up. I won't be hanging anything on the side walls anyway (the display pedestals and the work that goes in front of them are too tall). So here are my three choices:

1) I could get the two walls and hang drapery on both sides for symmetry--in front of the hard sidewall on one side (the hard side wall is needed for stability). Then I would use the hard wall in the back to hang panels like at the OKSS. This option will cost $1,000, and this is rental only--I wouldn't own the display at the end of the show.

2) I could get three hard walls and pay for the third wall--probably $300 or so more than option 1.

3) I could use my current drapery set-up and hang one panel from the free-standing display I made from pvc for last year. This wouldn't cost anything.

This is the biggest wholesale show I do a year and presence is everything. But is there enough difference in presence to justify the cost? Please vote early and often and let me know what you think, Thanks. The photos shown are 1) the actual configuration of the three-waal booth but shown with foamcore walls (no longer an option), 2) the drapery walls but in the corner summer booth, 3 and 4) the OKSS booth left and right sides.


Bill Paley said...

Option three.

andrea said...

Do you want to promote your non-functional pieces more heavily at this show? That is the only reason I can think of for having a hard wall. I think functional art on shelves sends a different message than functional art hanging on a wall. Also, if you choose option 1 or 2, do you think it will result in at least $1000-$1300 more in sales? There's no way to know for sure, so you could look at it as an experiment this year, but it's an expensive experiment.

Anonymous said...

I like the varying levels of the display in #1. Do you want your space to feel like a retail store or an art gallery. Both are attractive, but don't place nice together. I think you have to pick one or the other. Why pay $1000 for 2 walls if you're only to use 1? I'd spend my money on something I could take home and use again. Keep the red carpet. And take this comment with a grain (or 2) of salt ... what the heck do I know! :)