Friday, January 19, 2007

A Big Bang for the End of the Week

No coffee, no music. Why do I bother to get up this early? It just means I find out about the day's aggravations that much earlier. Today, for example, I find that Bellsouth has decided my mailbox is full so they are going to stop delivering my email. Instead they are going to taunt me with automatically generated messages telling me what they aren't sending me because my mailbox is full.

My mailbox is not full. It is exactly HALF full. I guess Bellsouth has a different interpretation of the mailbox is half full or half empty and I am being DENIED! And I am on the phone with tech support. Again. And I finally get the news that even though I am allowed 250 mg of mail in my mailbox, I am only allowed 200 messages in my inbox... What kind of idiocy is that?

Now I have coffee in the Montreal mug, and I decided I needed to expand my collection so I am bidding on four more mugs on eBay. Nothing like a little shopping to reset my mood. "Turn the Page" by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band on iTunes. I think I will, and I move on to The Apprentice! I am not sure how much she wants her information bandied about the internet so I will just say that she is a mature (like me ;-) professional woman with her own business. She has taken classes in kiln forming for a number of years and she even has two kilns! She makes far more money in her profession than I could even count so she is not doing this for the money.

She wants to learn, and I think she is in a place in life where she is ready for a transition. I am thrilled out of my socks. She is leaving her assistant to manage her business one day a week while she hangs out here. Do I have a fairy godmother somewhere? Did someone wave a wand and say "Here you go! You deserve the brass ring!". I don't know. But I have list of things for her to do as long as the Loch Ness Monster's tail. And she will help with The Photo Shoot next week. And Bill, no wizard cap, and no combing my hair across the top of my head and squinting with little pursed lips.

The photo shoot looms, but the studio is now up for it, whether or not I am. I also have an appointment scheduled with my photographer on Tuesday to shoot the piece for the this year's postcard and a few other Cloudstone pieces. Next week is the Week Of Photography. And speaking/writing of the new Cloudstone piece, it is at the top of this page! Too pink, not enough green, but I will get it.

Now if I could just get the one for the book done again. Yesterday's came out too brown/black from the French Vanilla. I love to use the FV because of the unpredictability of the color reaction, but it is a pain to use because of the unpredictability of the color reaction... I'm complicated.


Jodi said...

Congrats on The Apprentice. It sounds like things are coming together!

Bill Paley said...


I was hoping that she'd play Mickey.