Monday, June 19, 2006

Monday, Monday

Coffee in the Chicago Skyline mug, "I Don't Like Mondays" by the Boomtown Rats on iTunes. No, it is not random chance. I got up at 6:13 this morning to get a jump on my week and ended up puttering it all away on the little pond (The fish are alive! The fish are alive!), iTunes, email, computer syncing... I begin to think it is just not worth it to get a new computer ever. What I want is to be able to pug one computer into another and say "duplicate all of this--documents, settings, music, pictures, whatever--just go through a check list and have it magically work. No hardware issues, no OS woes, just WORKS. My weekend was so far from that it was not funny--but I am told I will love the Mac.

But today, today, what does it bring? Ikebana for me at 9:30. I am in the Research course now (ooooh). Swimming for Jessie--her summer camp class goes to the Y for swimming Monday and Wednesday mornings--so I need to braid her hair, dress her in her suit and pack clothes and a towel. Then, work for me!

My new website went live Thursday night. It took three months to get it to the state it is in (notice I didn't say "done"), and there is no end in sight. Trust me to have picked a website design/hosting company which does not allow ftp. You have to use their little tool. I refrained (barely) from saying crappy little tool. The last thing I want to have to do now is learn yet another piece of software! I am getting REALLY TIRED OF COMPUTERS! The web developer said he could not do an image slideshow (a little flash element) for me that I would be able to manage or edit. I need to do it myself, so I did. It works fine in Dreamweaver and in a test browser on my system. As soon as I move it up to their server, it doesn't work anymore...

This was not supposed to be a bitch session post. I hadn't realized I was still so frustrated by my recent tech overload. Need to think of something positive... Ah, yes, glass! I will make glass today! Two orders to start producing for the final two gallery orders pre-BMAC (Buyer's Market in Philadelphia in July). Also time to start on the Art Institute order.

This week's book projects are:
garden stake
wall sconce
2-D panel in a stand
wall mirror
cast paperweight

Oh boy. The garden stake hardware is on backorder from my distributor and I haven't been able to find one retail anywhere. This is not a project I want to drop, but I frankly don't see teaching copper tube bending and soldering. I wonder if Michaels' has anything I could use. The technique effort has ratcheted up too: the wall sconce is combed, the 2-D panel is from an aperture pour, the wall mirror is a pattern bar piece, and the paperweight will involve modeling, mold making and casting.

This week the exhibition services order for the BMAC must be submitted (what kind of walls, what color carpet, poles for lights--where and how many, etc.). One might think it would be cake as this is the fourth time I have done this show. Unfortunately, all four have had different booth configurations requiring a different set-up.

It's going to be a busy week. Better make a schedule and a list!


Bill Paley said...

I would agree, you need more lists...

Jodi said...

I'm with you and the Boomtown Rats. Not a fan of Mondays.

Brenda Griffith said...

Even though it's Wednesday it fits for today too so I am listening to it right now again.