Monday, June 12, 2006

Let the 6 am Days Begin

No coffee yet, which is a crime as it is just after 6 am. No music either. Dave is also up and on his laptop, but the Sprout sleeps on and I am just not awake enough yet. It was a harrowing weekend. I finally got out the solicitation for participation emails to the other glass artists I am inviting to submit images to the gallery section of the book. There are 30 of them, and though this seems a huge number, it was really, really difficult to get my list down to it. I consoled myself with the knowledge that some people will decline and then I will get to invite more people. Think of it less as an alternates list than as the rest of the initial list which I haven't had a chance to get to yet.

Unexpectedly but predictably it turned into a repeat of seventh grade. I hated seventh grade. Like any party, some of the kids asked who else is coming and I naively provided a list of the names of the first 30. The list then made the rounds of the Internet both to the invited, the not and not yet invited. It was a mess. I consoled myself again with the knowledge that we artists have the attention span of mayflies. With no further stirring up, it should all blow over in the next few days. After all, we are all long past seventh grade and we have many other issues pressing for our time and attention.

I begin to feel the time squeeze in this first major deadline (hence starting my morning at 6:00 am rather than 8:00 am). I am to have all the projects done and ready to photograph by 8/1. I have not yet ordered/purchased the remaining glass and hardware that I need to do them all. The order for the hardware will go in today, the couple of pieces of non-Bullseye glass I need I may just buy locally at a stained glass store (at full retail, Ugh!). It feels like every time I blink, another week has passed. Time to write up a complete schedule/timeline for now through 8/1. Usually writing up and following a schedule calms me down and allows me to pace through the overwhelming tasks between me and a deadline/goal. Let's hope it works this time.


Bill Paley said...

Good luck, and keep your nose to the grindstone!

Jodi said...

Making a list calms me too. I tend to make them a bit unrealistically though with more than I can possibly achieve as a mere human.