Friday, June 23, 2006

Let's Just Get Through the Week

Coffee in the Alaska Skyline mug, "Take It Off" by the Donnas on iTunes. Too much to do and too little time is becoming the motto of life (and Bruce Springsteen's "Prove It All Night" sliding into the play slot on iTunes seems to bear this feeling out).

Got a call yesterday from a metal artist I met at the BMAC in February. He liked my work and we talked about doing some collaborative pieces and him teaching me to weld when we were in CA in March. I was unable to get to his studio to learn to weld on that trip and we kind of drifted on with other things. Well he is getting ready for the July BMAC now too and he would like to do three pieces for it with my glass incorporated into them. When he proposed this to me yesterday I said "Sure!" ("Slide" by the Goo Goo Dolls just started on iTunes... the iMac appears to be strongly empathetic to my blogging this am).

This morning I take the finished coasters to J's school and help the kids put the little rubber feet on them and sign them so they can take them home today. I still need to go to the hardware store to buy the little rubber feet.

The exposition services and exhibitor forms for BMAC are all due today. I haven't even figured out what my display is going to look like yet.

I spent three hours last night trying to get my arms and head around the details and schedule for the projects in the book. I was unsuccessful and gave up in exhaustion at 11:00. So today I have to figure out what I can fire that might keep me from backsliding (this is just scary: "Crossfire" by Stevie Ray Vaughn on iTunes). Never mind following a schedule that has me getting everything done before August or even getting ahead... I don't think there is anything I can do that is going to keep me from slipping more. Oh and the sacred weekends? The ones that are supposed to be set aside for sanity and family? ("Badlands" by Bruce Springsteen just started) They no longer exist. There is no day that will not be spent in the studio, on the road, or at BMAC for the next month +. July might as well not exist for me.

It would be really nice if this were just overwrought prose from an overtired artist, but Excel does not lie: the spreadsheet has decreed that the number of firings to do + the number of firings per day + the amount of prep + the hair ripped out in the process = EVERYDAY and slippage anyway. Of course the publisher still hasn't called to set up interim schedules and at this rate there won't BE any interim schedules just, it's due tomorrow, is it done?

I end with a deep breath and "Right Now" by Van Halen (and goosebumps. Quentin Tarentino could not have matched a better soundtrack to this posting). When I got to bed last night and shared my fears with Dave his sleepy response was "It'll all work out." And he's right, it will. It has to.

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Bill Paley said...

Who knows, maybe it'll work out in the sense that you'll be exercising. A lot.