Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Another Hump Day

Coffee in the New York Skyline mug, music is the on-hold Muzak from Ameriplan. Someone accidentally used my email address to set up her health insurance and now I am getting all kinds of email for her. The latest was a copy of the application including the last four digits of her SSN, date of birth, checking routing #, last four digits of the checking account, full name and address... if I were into identity theft, this would be a great start!

I got a very late start today (I slept in till 7:30) after a very early scare. I woke with a start from a sound sleep at 3:00 to the realization that I had left the kiln lid vented open for the entire firing--not just to 1000 degrees. This did not bode well for the current loftspace occupants of the garage, or the firing for that matter.

Earlier this spring a couple of happy little yellow striped songbirds decided that the plastic grocery bag full of used fiber blanket hanging on the corner of a shelving unit in the back of the garage would be an excellent site in which to build a nest. By the time I found it, they had already nested, so to speak. So instead of getting to close the garage door every night now that it is all cleaned out and an official part of the studio, I am still having to leave the door open all the time so the new parents can forage. I also get scolded if I stand in front of the kiln too long prohibiting them from getting food back to the nest as fast as they would like. Fortunately the vented heat and fumes from the kiln do not seem to be bothering them and they survived the night's heat.

I cannot say the same for the firing. Some days it does not pay to get out of bed. I didn't get the dinnerware into the load yesterday, but the four paisley plates going to the gallery in Vegas were in it along with the coasters for the 3-4 year olds class at J's school. Even though the kiln lid was closed when I raced down to check on it at 3:00, everything had still way overfired. The coasters will probably be salvageable, but the four gallery plates are not. I will have to redo them today in the with the first Art Institute or BMAC pieces. I just haven't had the energy to get a firing schedule done and stick to it for either the production work or the book project work. Regardless, both kilns need to fire today (I get to take the pattern bars out this afternoon when they are finally cool enough. I could be going with 100% failure today!).

More on the coasters: As with the first set I did, I took pictures of all of them on a piece of paper with the artist's name underneath for later identification and assignment. As it turns out, I took the pictures but my camera did not. It skipped about 50% randomly--probably due to a dead battery. So not only are they overfired, I have absolutely no idea whose is whose for half of them.

Today I also need to brave the heat and unload the Bullseye order which arrived late yesterday, and to (finally) unload the van with everything from the show at Creative Spirit over a week ago). With temps in the 80's and 90's here for the past week I have lacked the motivation to unload in the afternoon and the mornings have been taken up with other things.

At 3:00 I have a phone meeting with my interim editor and I should probably prep for an hour or so for that. I begin to regret not getting up at 6:00 this morning. Heck, I begin to regret getting up at all.


Bill Paley said...

Perhaps the time has come to consider checklists for every duty? This might fix the problems with forgetting stuff...before we start you on Aricept for the Alzheimer's...

Brenda Griffith said...

Just go ahead and send the Aricept. My spouse asserts caffeine makes you smarter, and a friend last night said you learn more deeply and completely under the influence of alcohol (but forget what you learned faster without reinforcement--I took it that he meant you need to keep drinking as reinforcement but he said no).