Tuesday, June 13, 2006

All in but One

No coffee, no music. Got to fix that if I am going to continue getting up at 6:00. Maybe I should start setting it up the night before and using the automatic time feature. Spent the first hour of the day reading and responding to (mostly book-related) email. All of the artists I invited to participate in the gallery have responded save one, and all the responses were yes but two. By some odd twist, I will up with exactly 30 if the lone person I haven't heard from says yes.

Then checked the medium kiln to see how yesterday's pate de verre firing went. I made a bowl using scrap frit (crushed glass) and since I still had room in the kiln I decided to do an abstract flat wafer of frit for draping. It is firing now and I will post the results tomorrow. The bowl turned out technically well. I could take it a bit higher in temp and make it fuse together a bit more, but I am happy with it. Artistically it is crap--neither the shape nor the color have any inherent tension to give interest to the work. Fortunately I will neither use this mold nor scrap frit for the piece in the book.

Today I get in the materials order I was working on yesterday--and which I must finish this morning--and I write my edits of the techniques portion of the basics section of the book for the publisher. We will talk this week and hammer out the project list. (Which I still have not posted here. I am a slug.)

The old Compaq laptop threw two blue screens of death yesterday. I hastily copied all of my documents, application data (email and bookmarks), and templates over to the new iMac. I will also back them all up to the external drive this morning.

Finally made contact yesterday with the woman who has a gallery in Michigan and is interested in carrying my work. I will mail her a catalog today.

The Art Institute in Chicago received the piece I sent for final color-matching approval and it was a go so I am ready to schedule and begin making 75 of them. It's also time to do my last two orders from the February Buyer's Market show--just in time to start preparing for the summer Buyer's Market in July. And that's a day!

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