Friday, June 09, 2006

Faster, Faster, FASTER!

Coffee in the Barcelona skyline mug (brought to me this morning by a Concerned Spouse), "Too Bad About Your Girl" by the Donnas on iTunes. As soon as I am don posting I am off to the Phoenix School to drive on a field trip to the Fernbank Science Center. It's a Mom Day. One of those "I am letting work take over my life and I have to make more time for my family" things. I do not really have time to do it, but if I breathe deeply and concentrate on relaxing, I will get through.

Yesterday was my half-life birthday and I celebrated appropriately. It took a long time to get to yesterday and I am looking forward to another good long time to get to the end. I also took the time to make a few rest-of-my-life resolutions:

1) Start being comfortable saying No.
2) Be realistic about scheduling even if the schedule might disappoint someone (i.e., don't kill myself to get something done just because it is more convenient for someone else).
3) Schedule downtime.
4) Obviate seven-day work weeks.
5) Stop worrying about my inability to separate business work and life work into their own time slots (e.g., 9-5 and all other times).

Now that I have all that settled I just need to get through my current bout of over-committed/over-scheduledness. The bad news is that it runs through November.

The image at top right is the first project in the book--a double layer vase drape. This one was done with two layers of glass powders over clear. I haven't decided whether to use pre-colored glass for the project or to make my own. I will probably just use Spectrum Baroque or Bullseye confetti.

Today contains a wrap of the work on the trunk show next week, all email going out to the artists being solicited for participation in the gallery section of the book, picking up the panel I had drilled and shipping it off to the client in Chicago, and putting in the order for all the hardware and supplementary materials I need for the projects in the book. I pretty much have the glass, but there is a lot of stuff I don't have and I didn't have time while I was in Chicago to stop by Ed Hoy's and pick it all up.

9:00, off to Fernbank!

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Bill Paley said...

Hope the field trip was fun...