Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wet Sand Anyone?

Coffee was an extra large Ethiopian with an extra shot of espresso from Jupiter (go cup, of course). "Love to Love You" by Donna Summer is on iTunes. Today is another day running through wet sand. It is already 11:00 and I have not yet begun in the studio. I have taken care of email and reconciling an invoice, blech. Glass artisan appears to be morphing into office manager. Need to stop that trend. And since I am back on a full regular firing schedule from today till I leave for Chicago on the 22nd, that ought to be as easily done as said.

One last note on the activities of the morning: Best Buy should open before 10:00 am, and Guitar Hero is THE optimal birthday gift for a white male in his forties. Now down to the bowels of the studio.

1 comment:

Bill Paley said...

A seven-foot-tall gentleman from Addis Ababa brought you espresso from the Great Red Spot? What are you putting on those sugar cubes, girl?

...Guitar Hero? Not some subset of Dragonslayer?