Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Not a Popularity Contest

I was going to try posting after getting a kiln load in under the hypothesis that maybe that way I would actually *fire today*. But I have a brand spanking new coffee mug that I had to break in this morning and I wanted to share the news. So, coffee in the Washington DC Skyline mug--thank you very much Barbara for the wonderful gift!!!!! iTunes is dark.

Thus far this morning I have already dealt with a credit agency (for the 8th time) looking for Brenda J Griffin, filed a complaint with the FTC about said agency and called Bellsouth to see if there is anything further I can do to stop them from calling me. Alas, there is not. Do the people who work for these agencies not attend school? My last name ends in "th", not in "n". My daughter can spell better than they can and she is only 4 and 1/2.

We also freed all the butterflies. There is one chrysallis left un-hatched, and I hope the butterfly breaks free today as I am not into the "heir and a spare" philosohy of raising young.

Today I really *must* fuse a load for Chicago. Yesterday I did landscaping and landscaping communication all afternoon and got absolutely nothing done in the studio except another shelving unit built. I am not yet panicking about my inventory for the show, but I am really close. No more interruptions!!! And I will also get the postcards ordered as they must hit the mail no later than Monday.

On the book front, yesterday I heard from the assistant to my editor and she asked how I want to handle the other artist photo gallery. My choices were they send out a call for submissions or I pick the people whose work I want in the book. That was an easy one. I am a control freak. They want 30 artsists and three photos each. It sounds like a lot, but I have already made a preliminary list of 29, and I know there are people I am forgetting whose work I would like to include. And I already know there are people who are going to be very offended that I don't ask them and there will be all kinds of fall-out from that. But this is not a popularity contest. I am picking people because they produce diverse, unique kiln-formed work. Not because they are the latest Hot Things or because they are (possibly soon to be "were") my friends. In case there is a thought I exaggerate, I must remind that one of the reasons artists do what they do is because many of them don't work and play well with others and are better suited to their own solitary, idiosyncratic lives. You should read some of the stuff that flies on the warmglass.com bulletin board. Snits galore. Ok, to fuse! To fuse!


Bill Paley said...

And then, after fusing, you can go to a Fusion restaurant...

Brenda Griffith said...

Ooooh. Our favorite restaurant, Bhojanic, is a fusion restaurant! It bills itself as "Fusion Homestyle Indian Tapas" and is scrummy.