Monday, May 08, 2006

Back to Fusing... Really Soon

Coffee was a large French roast in a Jupiter Coffee go cup with an extra shot of espresso. The song on iTunes is "I'm So Excited" by The Pointer Sisters. So appropriate. is going to improve my life immeasureably today. They are going to haul away the old kiln lid, wooden pallets, unuseable old glass crates and other assorted stuff that is providing a home for snakes, rodents and big bugs on the driveway in front of the garage.

The Deathwatch widget on the iPod added 11 days to my life today. I wonder what that's all about. Now it says (based on my birthday, gender and personality--I'm an optimist) that I will die on Halloween in 2052, a comfortably far-off date and further evidence that I am celebrating my half-life birthday next month. I have asserted for the past few months that this is my biggest birthday (forget the silly decade b-days--there are lots of them) and the iMac widget supports my contension. And lest an uncharitable soul muse aloud what any of this has to do with GLASS, I respond that puttering for a little bit on the iMac every morning and learning a new bit of functionality (today's lesson: screen shots and partial shots) is a requirement to mastering this new tool.

But more about glass. I moved 1500 lbs Bullseye glass in sheets on Saturday. Today I need to move about the same amount in architectural clears. It is a good thing my biorthythm widget indicates I am at a physical peak right now. Then I'll assemble and deploy the six new shelving units and put all the extant scrap glass in the new plastic bins I bought at Target last week and move it all to shleves. When all this organinzing and storing is done I may finally be down to reclaimed work surfaces... and dust. Dust is another topic for another day. My biorythms indicate a low interest in dealing with dust this year.

Finally I sign and pack 68 pieces for shipment to Canada. I have my fingers crossed that the check for them will arrive today.


Barbara Muth said...

I wanna play with a MAC. Fun desktop!

Bill Paley said...

Winging their way North, eh?

Brenda Griffith said...

The coolest thing about the widgets is that they are not actually on your desktop. That much clutter always visible would make me nuts. Nope, the widget dashboard is hidden until you depress the mouse scroll button, then it comes to the front. So I have a beautiful clean background AND a lot of toys. How fun is that?