Wednesday, May 17, 2006

To Print or Not to Print, Whether Tis Nobler (and Cheaper)...

Coffee in the Austin Skyline mug, but it is Jupiter coffee with an extra shot of espresso. Too lazy to brew this week. Still no music (I want my Mac back!).

I have a laser printer. I bought it last year so I could print out the designs to photoprocess onto sandblast resist so I could etch my own designs easily and quickly. This was when I thought I would be making slumped wine bottle cheese plates. This was before I discovered that doing this kind of crafty little thing for money would suck my soul right out through my ears. But I still have the laser printer. And my printer (an actual guy--the one who did my postcards) uses a laser printer to print the back of my postcards for each show I do and he charges me $.15 each for the privilege. So I thought I could save a little (saving is good) and print them myself for the Prairie Arts Festival. I could also get them done without ever having to leave the house or talk to anyone and I am just enough of a hermit for that scenario to appeal.

But I am becoming very frustrated and having little luck printing the postcards on my laser printer: it has a roller so instead of just passing straight through, the paper curves around the roller (under intense heat) which cause the postcards to curve after printing. I also have to send them through the manual feed one at a time and sometimes they go through fine and sometimes they don't. Futzing around with it is taking a lot of time. It might be worth it to go to the printers and pay $15 to have these done. What am I thinking? Of course it is worth it! So that is my afternoon.

My morning will be filled with cutting all the blanks for the firings I have to do in the next three days and getting the first two of those loads in. I broke my dry spell yesterday and fused two full loads. It is good to be back in the saddle again.


Bill Paley said...

Get back on that horse!

Ride the white pony!

Forestcats said...

Slavery to the perfect functioning machine. Its a fact, you gotta bend to whoever has it.