Friday, May 12, 2006

The Space Wars

Coffee in the Austin skyline mug, "Are You Gonna Go My Way" by Lenny Kravitz on iTunes. The check from Canada has cleared and the order ships today. Just in time, the shipping area is set-up! 15 cu ft of styrofoam peanuts hang from my garage ceiling.

The majority of the scrap glass has also been sorted into bins so I can see the top of my work table again--just in time to cut all the blanks for the pieces I need for the Prairie Arts Festival in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend. I am two days behind the firing schedule I planned out for that work, but there were a couple of days unscheduled so it will all work out.

I also heard from the Publisher yesterday. They, and so by extension we, have another problem with the contract: they used my social security number with the contract and I used my employer identification number with the W-9. More forms to fill out and snail mail in and more delay. Tick, tick, tick. I asked about getting an editor and GETTING STARTED.

Maybe they think I am already writing? If it were fiction, I could be. But I am not going to risk heading off in a direction they do not want and writing up a a bunch of stuff I can't use. Of course if I get the content done, the format might not matter and I might be delaying for nothing. Maybe I'll start writing this weekend after all.

It doesn't help that what I really want to write about right now is the business of being a professional artist/artisan--storage, shipping, consignment, wholesale, marketing and advertising, capital...

Hey I know, maybe I'll work on two books this summer! Nothing like planning ahead. Now off to school with the J.


Bill Paley said...

I never thought that you were working for peanuts!

At least you didn't send Dave through the roof.

Or did you?

Brenda Griffith said...

Dave was extremely impressed when he got home and saw the garage yesterday (you bad punster you). His actual comment was "I never thought the garage could look like this". And I am pretty sure he meant it in a good way...

And of course I work for peanuts. That is what all artists, artisans, actors, work for if they are not in the top tier. Make a living? Are you kidding? Why do you think I didn't do glass full time till now? M-O-R-T-G-A-G-E. F-O-O-D. You get it.

ren said...

i want a peanut dispenser and i don't even have anything to ship. it's just cool. peanuts falling from the