Friday, May 05, 2006

It's All About Where to Put Things

Coffee in the Jupiter go-cup: an ex lg house blend with an extra shot of espresso. Yep, back in my groove. "Standing in the Shadows of Love" by the Four Tops on iTunes. I have not yet received a check for the gallery order shipping to Canada so it will not be going out today. That gives me one more day of putzing and organizing in the studio before serious production begins again next week.

Yesterday I shopped. I went to Target, the Container Store and Sam's Club. I bought 15 qt plastic boxes from Target (24 of them) to store scrap glass. Then I went to the Container Store and bought an InterMetro four-shelf rack on sale for $99. Then on a whim I stopped by Sam's Club on the way home.

Shopping at Sam's Club is always hit and miss for me. If I go there looking for something, they will not have it or the price will only be okay. However if I go there with an open mind and wallet I can find extraordinary deals. Yesterday by some weird alignment of the stars I found both what I was looking for AND an incredible deal. For those of you familiar with it, the kind of shelving I bought at TCS comes in two grades: Home and Commercial. TCS carries both. The shelving I bought for $99 was home grade--less weight pre shelf and for the unit as a whole. At Sam's Club I found the chrome (more expensive than the black or white) commercial grade *6* shelf unit (as opposed to the 4 from TCS) for $79 (same height and width). It also comes with heavy-duty casters, adjustable leg posts, polypro shelf liners and all the hardware necessary to make 2 3-shelf units instead of 1 6-shelf one.

I bought two and I am going to go back today and get another two. These puppies are so heavy I cannot lift them by myself so I had to rip open the boxes in the car when I got home and build them in the drive. But boy oh boy are they beautiful! 600 lbs per shelf, 3600 lbs for the entire unit. I may Craig's list a bunch of old Home Depot shelving and replace it with this stuff: More in less space and prettier! What else could one want? Needless to say I will be going back to TCS to return the other shelf unit. It never even made it out of the car.


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