Monday, July 13, 2009

Under the Knife

Just drank a second glass of milk, the hum of the air conditioner and the sounds of J finishing up her dinner for music. I need to take a pain pill--the ligament or tendon or whatevermathingie on the inside ankle bone of my broken ankle (the opposite side from the break) is really hurting. But I have another couple of hours of work to do tonight and I don't want to be impaired. What to do, what to do? I think I'll opt for the milder pain pill and hurry up the work.

Tomorrow at 3:30 pm I go under the knife. Surgery pre-op starts at 1:30, and they expect me to be wopken up and ready to go home by 7:30. I'm sure I'll be going home to sleep. That'll be kind of weird after virtually sleeping all afternoon and evening already. Maybe I can con D into watching a movie with me... or I'll just sleep.

Today I got one kiln load in, the assistants tasked for the next couple of weeks with broad brush strokes of tasks building to sweeping studio storage, organizational and operational changes. Also met with Lee (the gaffer) and purchased the materials for him to build the annealing kilns, the pick-up kiln and the glory hole. The hotshop will continue to become a reality even as I recuperate. Finally, I put together the last details for the health company awards I need to fuse and etch this week (mostly fuse tomorrow, and Lee will do the actual etching at the blast cabinet for me this weekend). Before I lay me down to sleep I need to touch bases with Morganica about staying with her in Portland the week after next, and I need to get the rest of my BMAC display materials ordered and sent off to Black Cat so Bill can put together our preliminary set-up (again while I recuperate).

I am not looking forward to the surgery, but in a perverse way I actually AM looking forward to staying in bed on Wednesday and reading, sleeping, playing a board game or two, watching a movie, just relaxing. I can't think of the last time I stayed in bed all day... Oh wait, yes I can. It was right after Thanksgiving when J and I got that horrible virus and were sick as dogs. I spent my one day in bed not being too happy to be alive. I expect Wednesday will be MUCH more enjoyable--pain or no!


Douglas said...

Good Luck!! Our prayers are with you.
MONYMAN, Karen & Chrissie

Vanessa Jacob said...

I hope everything goes smoothly for your surgery and you have a very relaxing recovery!

Bill said...

I tried and tried and tried to not type this, but it just flowed out of my fingers.

In re: surgery:

Break a leg!

maria said...

Hope you have a painless recovery!
Good Wishes! maria

Dee said...

bill, you are sooooooooooo bad! you just couldn't walk away from the computer w/o typing that could you? :)

Bill said...

How could I walk away? I was sitting down.

Anonymous said...

A quick update in the comments section from someone who knows how the surgery went?

We await word on our Brenda.

Nancy Goodenough