Friday, July 17, 2009

Being Good (Napping Even)

Egyptian licorice tea in the Montreal skyline mug, the morning quiet of the house for music. I am pain free this morning! I was pain-free last night too. And contrary to popular belief, I AM taking it very easy. I worked a total of two hours in the studio yesterday over noon (with an assistant), and then I came home, was served lunch (on the couch) and took a nap (a long nap, also on the couch). The biggest problem I have had is swelling--the leg is tightly splinted and dressed and there isn't much room for it to expand, as the left leg especially is wont to do. Just have to keep it up on the couch or on the bed.


Several hours have passed, the day is almost over, and I finally took a pain pill. Kay drove me to Grainger today to pick up the sandblast abrasive so Lee can etch the awards this weekend. I received the stencils for etching the awards from Rayzist this morning (they sent them overnight), and the last awards are coming out of their fusing cycle this afternoon. Unfortunately, because I work with clear irid morceuax and colored frit, there are a lot of areas where the irid came to the surface of the blood-red glass and those pieces have to be fired again with a layer of fine frit over the the irid bits. Good thing I have allowed extra time in this process, but looks like we won't be etching this weekend. Wonder if Becky will come in again for an hour? Or maybe I can get Elaine or Bill to help me load the kilns... Or maybe Dave! Of course! My own Igor! His price isn't too steep.


Dee said...

i'm gonna have to check with dave to see just how much you ARE resting ;) glad to hear the pain is leaving you alone mostly now...

Bill said...

Whatever you say. But if they have to go in and repeat the surgery, you won't be a happy girl.