Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Not For the Squeamish

Just finished the Egyptian licorice tea for the morning, the sound of airplanes overhead flying to exotic and mundane places for my music as I sit on the front porch while Renfield, I mean Kay, waters my plants and fills the pond for me before we head to the studio. Yesterday turned out to be such a busy day (but good!) that I never got a chance to post more than to slap up a quick status update and photo on Facebook. For all who missed it, here is the leg post-surgery (my first view of it) in all its stapled glory. The 15 staples were removed with the coolest little tool (when used to grab the staples on the top, it made them ping open and release my flesh) and now all I have between my leg and my boot is a little support sock and some steri-strips holding the six-inch incision closed. Prognosis is excellent--I have another week of no weight, then I go back to partial weight-bearing

Today we are back running full speed--and getting sidetracked by so many non-essential things!!


And (several hours after commencing this post) the day is over. Wild Blues were consumed with dinner (at least by me--Dave turns up his nose at such perversions), and the Sprout has been read a chapter of The Mousehunter and is now abed.

The day started normally enough, and then I was presented with an opportunity to acquire the property next door to the studio at a fire sale price... I was completely derailed for the rest of the day. It is as yet undetermined if we are going to pursue this opportunity. If we do, we have a rental property--or a lovely retail/office/guest teacher space. More as it develops.

I had a lovely studio visit from Gale Towns of the artglasspics group (of which I am another member) this afternoon. I should have offered him tea, coffee, water, whathaveyou, but my hospitality was a bit frayed by the extreme pace of the day. Nevertheless, we had a wonderful chat (he loves my book and was on his second copy before I gifted him with a third today :-) and I'm just sorry I wasn't less pressed and more relaxed for his visit.

I am now down to two work days before heading to Portland. In that time I need to do all the new pieces I am taking to the Buyer's Market--heck, I have to finish making a list of them prior to doing them still! I also need to finish the medical awards project (eight to etch tomorrow and then the labels for the packaging and the final invoice). Finally I have a large commission to wrap up and (finally, I hope) the rest of the pieces to create that are to accompany the Greene & Greene exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. My buyer there has asked for one more set of color revisions and the pieces for them will come out of the kiln tomorrow. She will review photos of them online, and if she approves, I need to complete all of that order by Friday... I'm making myself tired.

Okay, that;'s enough for tonight. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

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Bill said...

So, you're about to become a slumlord?