Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Funday!

No thing to drink, no sound in the house but the tapping of the keyboard, the ticking of the clock, and the light whir of the ceiling fan. It's Sunday, but the studio is in full production mode as I prepare for surgery Tuesday. Becky came in for a full day of work yesterday and we got in three kiln loads--two fuses and a slump. The fuse kilns were Bertha and Bettina so I fused 18 sq ft of glass yesterday.

Today we have a fire polish and a slump scheduled (Becky will be back). But before heading to the studio to work on them, I am putting in a full digital morning doing the occupation formerly known as paperwork. I need to finish all my prep for the Buyer's Market show (I just looked at the calendar and realized the show is less than three weeks away...) including putting in my Hargrove order--for one I'm not waiting till the last day. I also need to get all the paperwork ready for Becky for the orders that will ship over the next month--orders that will all be fired by Tuesday... Yep, I'm that far ahead with production.

Last night's sleep was, thankfully, NOT plagued with nightmares about death and the roads not taken as the night before's was. Presurgery fears anyone? Ever since the accident I have had weird, vivid, mostly horrible, twisted, often violent dreams in dark colors almost every night--and that's without taking any pain medication. Not that my dreams are usually all sunshine and light, but they have been especially grim and morbid over the past ten days.

Okay, enough chatter. To work! To plan! To organize!

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Bill said...

To arms! To arms!

(Two legs, two legs!)