Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Night Winds Down, and So Do My Eyelids

Nothing to drink, the sound of the dishwasher for my late-night music. I am tired down to my bones--but not as exhausted as I was the last time I posted. For those sending me concerned emails, I have not been posting because everything takes so d*mn long to do on crutches that I have to work twice as long to do half as much--just keep up with what I have urgently due!

Tomorrow is the follow-up doctor's appointment for my ankle. Keep your fingers crossed that they are going to look at my ankle and say, "It's a miracle! You're well!" or even just, "It's healing, it'll take another several weeks of staying off of it and being good, and you probably won't have to have a plate and screws put in."

Today I got the news that we (Siyeh Studio and Black Cat ArtWorks) have been selected to create the sales awards this year for a pharmaceutical company's annual event. It's a good project--and nice to see a company springing for art glass and metal instead of another etched chunk of crystal. The downside for me is that I have 60 more pieces to do (and sandblast--you can't get away from etching them, after all) in the next two weeks. This job is on top of preparing a new display set-up for the summer Buyer's Market, ordering all the components for it, fusing the extra pieces for it, finishing the custom pieces for the Museum of Fine Arts Boston that were created to be offered in conjunction with the Greene & Greene exhibit that opens there next week, and completing a solid number of regular orders. Did I mention staying off the ankle and scaling back a bit?

Don't get me wrong, I am THRILLED to have all the work, I'm just... tired. And now I'm off to bed to rest more fully. News from the orthopedist's office tomorrow.

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Bill said...

Don't worry, you'll be getting fifty new orders in the next five weeks. Just watch. It's the perversity of the Universe.