Thursday, July 23, 2009

No Guts No Gore Today

A bottle of purified water to drink, the sound of a happy spaniel disemboweling a squeaky toy for music. It is the home stretch of summer in the studio for me. When I return from all my voyaging, it will be the end of August, the beginning of school for the J, and so the beginning of fall (albeit still hot and humid) for me. I always find the end of summer bittersweet. I think of the times I didn't go swimming, we didn't go to the drive-in, we didn't eat out on the deck and watch the fireflies, all the various Didn'ts. I am not so much prey to the Mustn'ts, I am too often taken down by the Didn'ts.

But back to the home stretch of the week--the homestretch of the summer can take care of itself. Yesterday in my post I neglected to mention the heroic efforts of my spouse as Igor in the studio for me after all the other assistants had left. Becky had an appointment and absolutely, positively had to leave at 6:10. But I still had eight pieces to get in the kiln at 6:10, and I wasn't willing to risk my ankle by walking on it so I could carry them in myself. Just as I was about to despair and give up all hope of getting those pieces loaded, Dave walked in the back door and saved me. It's an allegory of my life. :-) He patiently and carefully carried all the pieces one at a time back to the kiln room and loaded them into Bertha.

Today is my last shot at getting the colors the way the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston wants them for the iris piece to accompany the Greene & Greene exhibit. Keep your fingers crossed! As soon as the latest batch is cool enough to come out of Bertha, I need to photograph them and send the photos to the buyer. Also down to the wire is the awards project. There are eight pieces left to etch--one of which needs to be fired one more time to fix a scratch before it's etched. *Sigh*. Nothing like getting the last one done on the day they must be done.

All the participants attending the Bullseye Instructor workshop have been asked to prepare a 5-7 slide, approx. 10 minute presentation about themselves, their studios, work and classes. I am looking around the studio this morning and it's a mess. Looks like there won't be any new photos taken before putting it together! Got to get with Lee today and get him to get the hotshop at least photographically presentable for tomorrow.

Now off to slay the wily kiln load!


Bill said...

Yay, Dave!

'Course, I'd expect that of him.

Dee said...

good for dave! you'll have him fully trained as backup assistant yet! ;) and girl, you make even ME tired! and i still need to clean pieces and start the silver process
D on them tonight so i can get them finished and in the kiln sometime later tomorrow and have everything ready to ship by mid-afternoon sat! gotta have some time for new work for bmac....