Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Coffee is in the Atlanta skyline mug, there is no music as I blog from the denuded Power Mac (the desktop machine whose hard drive failed--for the second time--a couple of months ago) and there is no iTunes on it yet. I blog from it as I can't get my laptop to boot this morning--there is something wrong with the way the power cord is (not) charging the battery. I refuse to be troubled by the petty whims of the the technology at whose mercy I exist!

I am back from Philadelphia and feeling a bit... broken, myself. It's not the it was a particularly brutal show--in point of fact I think it was the least brutal Phillie show I've had. But the cumulative efforts of the past few months from Dave's work on the election, the annual Christmas craziness, adding Atlanta and Dallas to the show schedule, driving to Dallas, and setting up the permanent showroom, topped off by the emotional and mental stress of this year's Buyer's Market were just too much for me.

I woke up yesterday with no awareness of myself or my surroundings. I had shut down all mental and emotional faculties and moved like a zombie through the day. It was so bad that I managed to lose the power cord for my laptop and left my iPhone and my silver yucca necklace at the security checkpoint at the airport. I had had breakfast and was halfway down the breezeway to the plane by the time I realized I didn't have the necklace or the phone. With a panicked "I can't leave without them, you take my carry on bags" to Todd, I ran (literally) through the terminal back to security. My belongings were there waiting for me and I made it back to the plane just as the last passengers were boarding. I slept through the flight--in spite of having three very large people in our row on the plane. The rest of the afternoon at home was very low-key (I think, I don't remember it too well) and I slept 12 hours last night.

Today I *should* do things too numerous to enumerate, but I had a leisurely breakfast with Dave and the J, and now we're going to Fernbank Museum of Natural History to see the dinosaur exhibit. This afternoon I will have to address the issues with my laptop as Dave is heading to Austin tomorrow for a job interview and will therefore not be available to swap batteries with me so I can move all my data to the desktop and work on it if the laptop has to go in for repair. I will do my show review (including info from the wrap-up meeting), an update on the copying work issue, and a report on the Fair Trade show soon. Really. When I am less zombified and more eloquent.

"Ada" by The National just came from the iPod in the livingroom. My spouse loves me. He knows I need me some music in the morning.


Dee said...

enjoy your day with dave and j - relax a little and then dive back into the river ;)

Anonymous said...

Remember its always brightest after the storm. It can only get better.


Bill said...

Exhaustion is its own satisfaction sometime.

Wallow in it, for a bit.

Anonymous said...

more, moRE, MORE

Nancy Goodenough