Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Too Much For a Tuesday

Coffee in the Austin skyline mug--just waiting for the job offers for Dave to start rolling in, "I'm A Believer" covered by Smash Mouth on iTunes. I blog from the iMac this morning as Dave has taken my laptop into the Apple store to have the IO board replaced... Oh I'm in withdrawal. I actually used graph paper to plan something out this morning instead of Excel (Microsoft Excel is my all-purpose drafting application... go figure).

The Waldorf School of Atlanta (J's school) has begun their on-line auction as of yesterday. One of the items I donated--a week of summer camp studying masks in various cultures and creating masks in glass based on them is up on the site. Thanks *very* much to Licha Ochoa Nicholson for permission to use the image of her Prairie Falcon Kachina Mask as the picture for the auction item. As usual I am waaaay behind and didn't have a suitable glass mask image to use for the online auction. (The photo is from the 2007 Taylor Kinzel glass show--Licha is on the left.)

It's Tuesday and I am succumbing to yet *another* cold. Actually I think this might be the same cold I had before, it's just a version that incubated and mutated in Dave while I was in Philadelphia and is now nestling back into me. *sigh* No, I'm not going to the doctor. It's a virus, there's nothing she can do but suggest lots of rest (hah!), lots of fluids (and wine doesn't count--in fact it counts against), and waiting it out.

Though I am sickening, there is no rest for the wicked or the glass-impaired. I have orders to ship today, the 7th grad auction project to continue, shopping for the permanent showroom with Todd, metal orders to get to Bill from the BMAC, and my own firing schedule for the show to complete. Thank heaven I have a currently unemployed spouse! Yesterday he schlepped 200 (literally 200) lbs of work to FedEx as they wouldn't do a same-day ground pick-up for me and the first department store order *had* to ship yesterday. Today he is mailing my showroom contract for Dallas and taking my laptop in for repair. I am going to owe him big by the end of the week.


Bill said...

And since when are you the diagnostician? You certain it's a virus and not a bacterial infection? Care to make yourself even sicker? Ha!

Dee said...

listen to mr bill!!!!! get thee to the doc! bill, you should have heard the nasty cough she had still while we were in phili!