Monday, September 24, 2007

Where is the Harmony, Sweet Harmony?

Coffee in the New Orleans skyline mug, "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace Love & Understanding" by Elvis Costello and the Attractions on iTunes. Oh Elvis, (scream!). I saw him Saturday night opening for Bob Dylan. Saw him from the 11th row center, oh my. He opened with "(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes" and closed with Peace Love & Understanding. I'm in Love. J's favorite song is "(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes" and Elvis Costello is her favorite musician. She was *very* disappointed that she didn't get to go to the show!

But back to earth. I have a WEEK scheduled. okay, I live in Georgia. Georgia, Jungle. Georgia, Jungle. I had a very busy summer and the backyard, well... I finally had to break down and hire a friend (who's a landscape designer) to bring in her crew to Restore Order. The weeds are (no lie/no exaggeration) taller than I am. I have a Japanese maple and a weeping deodora cedar back there... somewhere. Kudzu, and poke weed and crab grass, oh my. The crew comes today and, though I will not be actively weeding, I need to prepare for them (this little thing? It's a peony. Please don't pull it.). Three firings today and an order to ship.

Tomorrow, leave for Greenville/Asheville at 4:30 am to photograph the FeSiO pieces at Elliott Metal Works and to install the new wall pieces in the model home for the Grovewood Gallery. Pick up J from school on the way home and then tomorrow night, date night! If I'm lucky, I'll get to see Viggo naked. The new David Cronenberg "Eastern Promises" is out and might be here in Atlanta. It looks soooo good. (Russian Mafia meets murder thriller). Speaking of Russia, my in-laws just got back from Moscow and St. Petersburg and my MIL said Moscow was so clean it was unbelievable. I admit, I had a hard time believing it because when I was there in '87 it was filthy from air pollution, litter, and apathy.

Wednesday, oh Wednesday. Dentist in the AM, PTA in the PM, glass catch as catch can. I'm sure there'll be a crisis Wednesday as we close on the studio property on Thursday at 9:00 AM.

Also scheduled for Thursday are Ikebana (dress rehearsal for the Japan Fest exhibit), and gymnastics and ballet for J. I am guessing that between closing starting at 9:00 and ballet ending at 6:00, there won't be much glass done.

Sweet harmony (listening to Elvis C. again), sweet Friday. The fountain project write-up for the winter issue of Glass Patterns Quarterly is due. I haven't started it yet. I'm using Armstrong Float Fire, Bubble Powder and float glass for the first time... There's my crisis in the making. Set-up for Japan Fest in the afternoon, an evening with J while D goes to the Drive By Truckers Friday night.

Saturday work begins on the studio with the first electrical as a christening. Saturday is also Japan Fest, if we have enough energy to go. Energy must be conserved as Sunday is D's birthday and celebrating must be done. Fortunately I purchased the Great B-Day gift weeks ago and all I have to do is wrap it.

Next week, while assuredly not easier (I have three people scheduled to work on the studio Monday including lot clearing and grading, fence and deck prep, door installation, AC repair, etc.), will at least be MORE FOCUSED. Glass, studio. Glass, studio. And it'll be October. I love October.


Bill Paley said...

Why? Do you like Columbus Day? Or is it Halloween? Or is it just that autumn arrives? Or is it Indian Summer?

Brenda Griffith said...

I like Halloween. I like decorating for Halloween. I like the slow inexorable slide through fall and Thanksgiving into Christmas. School is established and routine by the end of September. I just like it!

ren said...

around here we refer to elvis costello as the "future ex-husband of me". keep your distance but see if you can do something about that wife of his...