Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Just Say No

Coffee in the Los Angeles mug, the sound of the dryer for music. It's only 7:30 and I've already downloaded transactions for all bank accounts and credit cards and reconciled them against the online balance for the day. Have to keep on top of things daily for awhile as it looks like our offer on the studio property *might* be accepted--at least it wasn't greeted by howls of laughter from the foreclosure realtor. We offered market value, which is a good offer with all the properties currently on the market. But it happens to be *half* of the mortgage the bank foreclosed on. If they accept the offer it's grim evidence of the state of the real estate market and the effects on banks of all the foreclosures--and good news for us.

With the onset of fall come lots of parental duties--playdates to schedule and convey child to, gymnastics lessons, ballet lessons, PTA meetings, school functions, modeling assignments (really)--the list seems endless. I also have my personal activities--semi-annual dentist appointment, monthly leg wax (I know, too much information), Ikebana and Ikebana for Japan Fest. These are all daytime activities, and all of them are seriously eating into my workday right now.

I scheduled orders for September based on a regular work week with a bit of extra professional activity thrown in--a fountain to design for my next GPQ article, new products and techniques to experiment with, an article on start-up issues for Profitable Glass, web development for my four on-line presences, new product design, etc. Now I find myself WAY over-scheduled and beginning to stress about it.

This is my favorite season, dammit. I'm going to ENJOY it this year. Last fall was lost to the book, this year I am going to garden--not just clean out the weeds but replant the pots on the porch and the deck (yes, in the south there is a new planting season for fall and winter color). I'm going to decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving. And I'm going to RELAX and LIVE.

Relearning how to say NO is a necessity to this effort. No, you can't have it today, tomorrow, or next week. How about October 17? No, I can't be on that committee, in that group, come to that meeting, participate in that project at this time.

Yes, I can get into this. And glass will be done.


Bill Paley said...

I hope so.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck, Hope you get it. How far from the house will the studio be? Won't be able to go down in the jammies to load a load of glass now.

Brenda Griffith said...

HAH! So you think! The back line of the potential studio property runs along the side line of our property. Not only will I be able to walk to work in my jammies, I won't have to leave my yard to do it. (hope, hope, hope)