Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday? It's Thursday, Right?

Coffee in the Alaska mug, UPS customer service as my music (as I type). Yesterday turned out to be... a day. It ended with UPS not picking up my scheduled package which means it won't get to Florida this week as they don't deliver on Saturday. Wednesday is a big shipping day for me for certain shipping areas. Because of the no-Saturday thing, pieces that need to be to a gallery by the weekend--weekends being big business days for galleries--need to be out by Wednesday. Shipping Thursday gets it there by Monday and many of my galleries are closed Monday.

Oh I'm popular, while on hold, Elliott Metal Works called. I bet they want to know how I'm doing with the pieces we're doing together for the model home in Asheville and the FeSiO pieces they are taking to the St James Court Art Show. At least on that front I have good news for them--yesterday I managed to combine almost all the slump pieces scheduled for two loads into one, freeing up Big Bertha for a full day. Three kiln loads slumped yesterday. Crappy pictures--the iPhone has no flash--but the quantity was too impressive to ignore.

Today a meeting with the loan officer for the studio (where *are* the tax papers from the past two years...?), invoices (finally) out, Hoy's order (finally) in, yadda, yadda, yadda. And it's after 10:00 already, yikes!


Bill Paley said...

Don't you love bank officers?

Brenda Griffith said...

He was pretty cool. Sign here, here, here.... (213 times later...) and here. And that was just for the application good faith estimate paperwork. On the plus side we had a final price and close date set just before the meeting so I got to see the real numbers.