Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Coffee in the Alaska skyline mug, "Whipping Post" by the Allman Brothers Band on iTunes. Yeah. Sometimes I feel like I been tied to the whipping post, good lord I feel like I'm dyin'. Evidence? I sat straight up in my mind this morning at 6:30 (my body remained recumbent, it wasn't about to move before it had to) convinced that I had programmed Big Bertha for a fuse firing (way higher temp) last night instead of for a slump and ruined the load. And that's not the worst of it.

I lost a piece yesterday. Not lost as in I broke it or it broke. Lost as in, I know it was in the kiln, and then it wasn't. I was standing in front of the kiln unloading it, I lost a few moments, and I found myself with another piece in hand staring into the kiln and counting the remaining pieces. There was one missing. Had it been anything other than what it was I would have thought I just forgot to make it. But it was the bottom piece of one of the two lattices I fired Sunday--absolutely not possible that I didn't make it.

I lay out all five panels in the lattice pieces together because I have to put the color down in a flow. I laid out two lattices at the same time Sunday so there had to be even pairs of pieces or I really would have noticed. I remember laying it out, it's not still on the prep table, I don't pick up from the prep table and lay down anywhere else BUT the kiln so it had to go into the kiln. Yet it wasn't there in the middle of the unload. Was it there at the beginning? It's the most likely scenario. Occam's Razor sides against someone coming into the studio annex (the garage--the big door was open) and taking a cooling piece (200 degrees) out of the open kiln while I was in the studio.

Today I need to make two more lattice pieces... and a replacement panel for the missing one. Honestly, I looked all over the studio, the annex--even the house!--for half an hour before deciding that it would be easier to just make a new one. Where the heck could I have put it/it have gone?


Bill Paley said...

Have you checked the roof? Behind the toilet seat? Under the child's bed? Your husband's car? In the tree?

Did you take it next door to the new studio and set it down?

Is it at WalMart? Perhaps the police came by and drove off with it?

Are there goblins in the woods?

Have you asked Dave to look for it? If we had a similar problem here, Bridget would turn to me and expect me to turn it up. The disturbing thing is that in the vast majority of times, I do. Typically, the missing item is underneath something else, and during panicked searching, things aren't lifted to check.

Anonymous said...

When I misplace something, I have Karen or Chrissie look for it. Most times I have just overlooked it and they find it right away. If you fuse another then you will find it and have to fuse the other piece to go with the new one. LOOK Again. Let your daughter look for it. Yes she is young but she will love helping Mommy and she sees things from a different level.

Brenda Griffith said...

I think I'll find it when I go to move the studio. And I'll sigh and shake my head. And I'll go lose another one. There be gremlins here.

Dee said...

i think the gremlins are playing with you since the opportunity is so ripe for this type of activity with your schedule ;P and don't send the gremlins over to me! ;P Please! ;) it will turn up probably about the time you finish the replacement ;P probably near where you looked but just slightly occluded from your view by something