Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Be Careful What You Ask For...

No coffee yet, the sound of it brewing for music. Yesterday I waxed happy about Seraph finding her howl. She exercised her joy again this morning at 5:07 (accompanied by Baxter, of course) when some emergency vehicle or other went by. It was enough to wake D and me, and J came pattering in about five minutes later to join us so I guess it woke her too. After an hour and a half of various and sundry dark morning anxieties, I surrendered the sleep fantasy and rose. There is much to do with this day.

Put in an offer on a studio space yesterday. Could close as soon as 9/29, whew! Here are some interior shots of the space--there are four fireplaces, three shown in the pics. It's hard to get a feel for its flow from pictures. If we get it, I might video it and put it up on YouTube... oy. I can't believe I thought that, much less wrote it.

Today, up to Armstrong in Kennesaw, ship a couple of orders, fire a couple of loads, have a couple of panic attacks. Same old, same old.

PS-- Damn and blast. As early as I got up, I still didn't have my items ready for the American Kidney Fund on their pick-up round this morning. For once they actually came at 7:40 (they always say be ready by 7:00 and never get here till noon). The driver said he was trying to beat the traffic from the golf tournament. Oh joy, that time of year again. The PGA Tour Championship one block from our house. *sigh* time to get out the orange traffic cones and put them in front of the house so the mailman will deliver to our box.


Daniel Waldman said...

That looks like a beautiful space! I hope it all goes well for you.


Bill Paley said...

I think it would be fun to watch you having a panic attack!

What do you need all those fireplaces for? Extra work spaces?

Anonymous said...

She's going to make them into more kiln's. Got to have more to make more glass.

Missed seeing you at YD. It was sure hot.

Brenda Griffith said...

Thanks Daniel! The rest of the peanut gallery... The fireplaces are not the big open kind. These are the little ones built to house clittle coal stoves. Very cute. Very non-functional. This was a beautiful little bungalow when it was built. Now it's in a sad neighborhood (the crappy commercial side of ours) and mopes on its little kudzu-covered lot.

Doug--sorry I missed YDF. I knew you were going to be there. I had a vague idea when it was. Time slithered by. You doing One of a Kind this year?

Anonymous said...

Chrissie's on the wait list. Can't get a straight answer when I call. She's going to call today.