Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Coffee in the New York skyline mug, "Elephant Love Medley" from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack on iTunes. I have made it through 40% of the week de l'enfer, and we close on the studio in 24.5 hours. All that's scheduled between me and then is a dentist appointment, a PTA meeting, two UPS claims for breakage from last week's shipments, three new shipments, a fountain, harassing the arborist division for the City of Atlanta about the tree next door to us, bills to pay, glass to order, gentle reminders about past due invoices to send... in short, a cakewalk!

Shown above are the FeSiO pieces we installed in the model home furnished by the Grovewood gallery in Asheville yesterday. Remind me not to attempt to drive at 4:30 am in the dark after taking allergy medicine for the first time in the year again... Nuff said. I made it there and back. We don't need to talk about it.

And that is enough of a post for today. Off to slay the day.


bill paley said...

Talk to your doctor about using Clarinex instead of taking an over-the-counter Benadryl or Chlortrimeton, and you'll be better off in the future.

Brenda Griffith said...

I take generic Allegra--which my mom (a pharmacist) says shouldn't make me sleepy. She thinks I have been burning too hot too long (too fast, too furious ;-) . She could be right.

Bill Paley said...

It's a thought. Allegra is a non-sedating antihistamine; she's right. So any fatigue is your own fault.