Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Moral of the Story is Don't Plan!

Coffee is a large Jittery Joe (extra shot of espresso) in a porcelain latte mug, music is some unidentified Sade-like thing in the background. Yup, once again glass fans, I'm live from Joe's! I'm not sure the Jittery Joe is a good idea. It's true that my skin rippled with the effects of multiple anxiety attacks from 4:00-5:00 this morning leaving me quite tired, but extreme caffeine on top of extreme exhaustion seems potentially fraught.

Got a new order from a new gallery last night. This is a post-show order from the summer BMAC and it brings me to within $160 of my best BMAC... ever (February 2006). And for summer to summer comparison, I more than doubled sales between 2006 and 2007. Yes boys and girls, you CAN make a living as a glass artist, even in today's economy.

Today at Joe's I am working on the FeSiO Art and Siyeh Studio web pages--time to move SS off EZNettools before I go mad using their wonky little interface. Yesterday's main slump load was derailed by two casting experiments and a visit to the most perfect potential studio space seen yet so I have to get the slump load in today. The other slump (a 12" bowl) thermal shocked during slump so I have to fuse a new one today and slump it first thing tomorrow for shipping.

This morning before heading off to Joe's I sneaked in another little casting experiment. *sigh* The deadline for Niche is Friday and I am still futzing with maybe-I-ca-do-its. Got to LET IT GO THIS YEAR! I have six orders to ship today and tomorrow, and tomorrow also sees the next batch (due next week) going into the kilns for first firings. There really isn't time to squeeze in Niche AND GPQ (see below).

I'm also speeding toward deadline time on my next article for Glass Patterns Quarterly. As I promised Maureen I would not only do the project but would also create an outline of my project proposals for future issues, I need to get moving.

Okay, now that my anxiety attack is back and FULL BLOWN, I need to get working. Posting is supposed to be a mind-cleanser and organizer. I am NOT supposed to finish tied up in knots. That's what you get for planning. No wonder I spend so much time flying by the seat of my pants. What'll get done'll get done whether you plan to do it and do it or just do it. And if you just do it you don't have time to get anxious about how much there is to do.


Bill Paley said...

Better than being bored, isn't it?

Brenda Griffith said...

Bored? What is this 'bored' thing of which you speak? I know nothing of 'bored'... Should I get some? Would I like it?

Bill Paley said...

No, you wouldn't like it.