Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Pop Art Box

Coffee (from the new Bodum Santos coffee maker--paid for by Starbuck's as they recalled our Barista) in the Montreal skyline mug, "Turn the Page" by Bob Seger on iTunes.

As promised, pics of the new Pop Art Box. I haven't made the lid yet--nor have I finished polishing the box--but I wanted to get the pics up anyway. I am very pleased with the technique. I was not able to get my new little lap grinder to do 45 degree beveling so I had to freehand miter the corners on the big one (wheeee!). I was less successful than I could have been, but it was good enough for this time.

Going forward I will make myself a guide for the big lap grinder (or have have my Dad do it tomorrow--got to find things for him to do while the parents are here for the next couple of days on their way to Ecuador). I had the realization yesterday that I don't cook anymore and Dave is leaving for Las Vegas directly from work for a bachelor party so I am on my own with my parents. Take-out pizza tonight, Feast in Decatur tomorrow, and I'll figure something out for Thursday. I used to cook, but anymore the very idea of everyday cooking just stymies me. I guess I could manage a rotisserie chicken, fresh cut green beans in a bag and some Uncle Ben's...

But onto more interesting things like glass! I have been so busy with arcana since Friday that I still haven't finished a list of pieces I want to have for the shows I have coming up. That lack has not excused me from firing, instead I feel like I am just haphazardly throwing pieces in the kiln that I hope I will need. And I am running out of glass--out of certain colors of frit anyway. I need to get an order in to Bullseye this morning so they can get part of it in UPS tomorrow and the rest out on a truck by Friday.

But back to haphazard firing. It makes me feel completely out of control. I do not feel free or liberated, I feel... haphazard! I don't *like* haphazard. Time to get a plan, a schedule, something--Bill would say to ignore--I like to think of as a guideline to improvise around. Planning for a retial show is always such a crap shoot. What pieces will be hot this year? What will I sell out of and what will die on the shelf? I am planning ten Morceaux de Verre series, some Coulee de Verre pieces, an orchid melt or two, and some boxes. Oh yes, and the obligatory Pop Art "stuff". It feels like a hodge podge now that I see it in writing. I hope I can pull it off. Maybe I'll skip the orchid melts this time. Okay, off to spend more money and plan, then the airport to get the aged P's, oh yes, and a firing.

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Bill Paley said...

I wouldn't say "ignore". I'd TYPE "ignore".

Oh, and maybe you should try feeding your parents PB&J with three gallons of coffee...