Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I Like to Move It, Move It

No coffee yet (it burbles), no music either. Stressed is the word of the morning. The burglar alarm went off at 6:30 am when a spider and the wind lifted an unlocked bathroom window a smidge and broke the contact. That was exciting. I figured I might as well get a start on the day and went to the studio to assemble one of my pedestals to check out my current shelf lighting system. I found I am five glass shelves short... This is a serious problem as I can't get in touch with the owners of the gallery where I had them last weekend to see if they are still there and today is the last day Dixie Glasshoppers and I have open in common before I leave for Chicago. If I have to delay my departure by a day for these shelves I am going to be VERY ticked off!

Now let's get to some good news. Bullseye Glass is considering using an image of my work in their upcoming catalog! They solicited images of architectural work and mine was one of the finalists from the 300 images submitted. I'll know for sure in December. And Uncommon Goods is featuring my pieces on their homepage right now. Hope that generates some sales for them (and more orders for me--I still have 20 sets here!).

Diane Andersen finished her weekend in the studio yesterday and her piece fused beautifully. It slumped last night and I expect it to come out perfectly (the kiln's still too hot to open). She is going to pick it up at the One of a kind Show in Chicago as she flies back today and won't be able to stop by to pick it up before she goes. The full photo chronicle of the Weekend in the Studio can be found here. Okay, lots to do in the penultimate day in the studio. Till tomorrow...


Bill Paley said...

Why aren't you making lists? Schedules? Plans? Ha!

Smasty said...

Wow, great news about the UC homepage, that's cool! I also loved the "weekend" pics...how lucky for her!