Friday, November 10, 2006

Business is Booming (eep!)

Coffee in the Denver skyline mug, "Hallelujah" by Jeff Buckley on iTunes. And the year winds up. A funny thing to say in the early middle part of November, but nonetheless that's how it feels today. Yesterday I got word that the Art Institue will be featuring the "Flame" Morceaux de Verre in a 12" platter in their spring marketing. I am not sure if it is just online or if there is a catalog too, but it's good news either way!

I canceled my current order to Bullseye yesterday as it can't go out till next week and I am afraid it could get delayed and arrive while we are out on a tiny vacation (vacation! vacation! vacation!). We will have a pet sitter, but not someone I would ask to take delivery of cases of glass, frit and clay molds. Now I'm glad I canceled as I will need to add a bunch more for the flame pieces... I just need to know how many of them!

And on the Art Institute front, I got the holiday catalog from them in the mail yesterday, and my piece is on page 16 bottom right corner! I was not expecting it to be featured again in another catalog and am a bit worried that they are going to need more pieces this year. I have 13 more production days between now and 12/13 and they are already pretty booked. (I will be on the road and the studio will be closed from 11/23 to 12/12.)

I am also waiting to hear from Uncommon Goods to see if they need more of the Pop Art sets. This is my first year with heavy retail and wholesale in Q4 and I am finding it tough to balance. The One of a Kind Show is my biggest retail show of the year and I need production to go towards it, but catalog sales are pushing my wholesale too... I think I need another kiln! (And an assistant! And, as Roy Scheider said, a bigger boat!).

Today I prepare everything for the Taylor Kinzel Trunk Show tomorrow. I will schlepp the pieces and my pedestals up to Roswell at noon. The hardest part is going to be making the inventory sheet and pricing everything (yet more paperwork). At lest the firing schedule is done. Finished it last night while watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with J and my parents. And of course it may all go out the window now if I get more wholesale requests. But Bill, I don't care! I feel better when I have a schedule to follow--even if I have to be flexible about changing it. Organization and flexibility--those are the traits of a successful business woman! Having someone manage everything for you is is the trait of a successful artist. I am still self-managing. I would LOVE to be taken in hand by a manager. Okay, got to load and unload kilns.

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Bill Paley said...

So? Get David to take you in hand. I'm sure he'd appreciate it.