Monday, November 06, 2006

The Bottom of the Rollercoaster

Coffee in the New York skyline mug, "Sweet Surrender" by Sarah McLachlan on iTunes. I feel the rumble beneath my seat and the slight jerk as the car moves forward and up the first incline. Hold onto your seats folks, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Another Resurrection Box came out this morning. This one was from a 16" X 24" turquoise Pop Art panel that I wasn't happy with. All the pieces in this series are called Resurrection Boxes as they all come from failed flat pieces. This one has mitered corners. Pics tomorrow.

Today I have to fight my way through the final booth design and facilities order for the One of a Kind Show. The advertising deadline for NICHE magazine also looms and I want to put something together for it. I am going to do one in this year because of the whole finalist thing. Credit cards are about maxed, money flows out like water, and business has never been better...?? Maybe today will see the arrival of yet more checks from the orders that went out last month. Bi-directional money flow in a business is a GOOD THING.

Ikebana starts back up today. The instructor is back from Japan and the big ikebana conference there so I am expecting high energy in the class. On the book front, I mail the illustrations in and maybe take pictures of the projects for the lin editor. I have so moved on from the projects at this point and I still have several to redo and re-write.

For glass I am going to try four boxes at a time in the medium kiln. Also have a fuse load in the big one for the show this weekend. I think I am going to limit my color spectrum for this one. They don't like the bright colors in the conservative northern suburbs. In fact, by this weekend they may all be in mourning after the elections. One can hope.

Okay, too much to do to post more. I'm outta here.


Bill Paley said...

Enough of this lazing about! Write another book!

Brenda Griffith said...

Oh yeah, writing another non-fiction book in this lifetime? Really unlikely.

Bill Paley said...

Noone said you had to be coherent...