Friday, November 03, 2006


It's late, no more coffee. "Levon" by Elton John on iTunes. Still in a funk. Dave is heads down, dead busy on his work project right now (CNN's election coverage software), and someone stole the gps out of his car last night. J's b-day is tomorrow (just did cupcakes and a mini-party at school), and I am... blue

Didn't fire today (yet, I still might get a load in). Got a very snippy email from the senior editor on the selection of works for the gallery earlier today and it just sapped any energy I might have had. Didn't even want to post this morning--felt like it would be one long whine. And I was right! So far this is one long whine. So I tuck my whiny little tail under my not-so-tiny heiny and go to put some glass in the kiln. Putting glass in the kiln almost always makes me feel better.


Smasty said...

I was wondering where your post was this morning. You need a break! Hopefully you can chill a bit this weekend. Did you fire boxes yesterday? Are they spectacular?

Jodi said...

It's okay to whine...we all do it. I'm scrambling to send flowers to my Mom for her birthday this weekend and my husband's is next weekend...(oh, and Ren's is next Thursday, but don't tell her I told you!) Damn, my comment should be about you and not yeah, hang in there and celebrate your little girl. You'll get back in your groove. Like smasty said above "you need a break" anyway!

Bill Paley said...

Evil editor! Feed him to the wolfhounds!