Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Mixed Blessings

Coffee in the Atlanta Botanical Garden go cup, no music, just the sound of the cat's drinking fountain gurgling because it is low on water. In quick response to Bill, yes, there is a specific set of Starbuck's mugs called the Skyline series. They also have the new City Scenes mugs with pictures of the cities represented, but my particular obsession is the Skyline series.

The first news of the day, which is overwhelmingly good, is that the Seder plates are not ruined and neither are the molds. 1425+degrees and no kiln wash. Must be ceramic board and I may start experimenting with fusing directly on it (it has a really smooth finish). The downside is that the board I have is only 1/2" thick and therefore not sturdy enough to be a shelf. One of the paisleys is definitely ruined, and the other might be. The dinner plates look to be fine (whew!).

The bad news of the morning is that I did not get into the 57th Street Art Fair in Chicago in June. I am not too surprised: They have a grandfather system which means that if you get accepted once you get to be in forever without jurying again. This limits the number of new artists accepted to about 50. Last year when I looked, they only had three glass artists total--none of them with kilnformed or functional work.

I am also still wait listed for the Dogwood Festival. I understand I am the first person on the waitlist in the glass category so all is not lost, but the deadline for payment of fees has already passed so my chances are slim. And finally, I STILL have not heard back form the Publisher regarding my book contract. I sent them a gentle reminder that I am WAITING earlier this week and they have not yet replied. How swiftly the winds of schedule change from over to under full.

I end with my glass all the way full: If a bunch of things drop off my schedule for the year, it leaves me with more time to experiment with new techniques and ideas, work in my yard, and laze in the hammock reading. There is no bad-case scenario there.


Barbara Muth said...

OOH OOH! I love how this one came out! Of course, I am more partial to green than to blue, but these seder plates are sublime. Such a different take on seder plates. And just as saleable as appetiser sets.

I am so happy they turned out!

Barbara Muth said...

p.s. one of these days we have to have a studio-based exchange. My life without frit and powder would be over (drama queen!). But really, I love what you do with the bits and pieces.

Bill Paley said...

I'm glad that things didn't fail spectacularly...