Thursday, March 09, 2006

Chugging Along... Nothing Big.

Coffee? There was coffee? Aw man! Actually I shouldn't joke about that as my husband is very serious about making me coffee every morning before he leaves for work even though he does not drink it himself.

So yesterday's firing was a success. The same slightly-longer-than-usual schedule that I had been using in the kiln prior to the addition of the new lid produced exactly the same results with the new lid. So today I make seder plate molds and slump a bunch of stuff. Tomorrow I ship out a load to Florida and two more will go out Monday to Wisconsin and NYC. Tomorrow I will also deliver the three pieces given away at Jessie's pre-school auction last weekend and *finally* deliver my consignment pieces back to my two local galleries.

Of course that means I have to sort through all my work today and divvy it up. I don't know why I have been dragging my feet on that task. I know why I have been recalcitrant about getting the bills out (BORING), but sorting and divvying means touching, stroking, admiring pretty pieces of kiln-formed glass. There is no bad there. There is also no available surface on which to do the divvying either as the studio is a MESS! I need a shed so the garage can officially become Studio 2.


Barbara Muth said...

Brenda, does this mean that your problems were not with the elements? Grrrr, I hate it when my standard schedules stop working for me.

I have been reading about your kiln issues and thinking how lucky I have been so far. I haven't had to do anything to my kiln at all in the four years I have had it. Course I am sure it doesn't get the workout yours gets.

Think I'll raise a glass to my kiln gods tonight just in case my day is approaching!

Bill Paley said...

I'm glad to read that the kiln is functioning properly; it sounded serious when it wasn't.