Monday, March 27, 2006

Let the Week Begin

Coffee in the Jupiter Coffee go cup--extra large Vienna Roast with an extra shot of espresso... yep, slow to start this morning and a lot to do today! Music is not random. I gave myself the duration of what Jessie calls "the running song" which is in reality "Let's Get It Started"--the clean version of Let's get Retarded--by the Black-Eyed Peas to write this entry so if it ends abruptly...

Leaving in a couple to snag some pieces from Creative Spirit to pad out one of the gallery orders I am shipping today and then up to Taylor Kinzel in Roswell to break down from Saturday's trunk show. The show was great. All three of us sold a good bit of work and I took on a small commission too.

Tomorrow J and I leave for Austin. Got to ship orders, pack everything for the show (glass, tent, pedestals, etc.,), and pack for J and me (and the song is over so I let it go to random, I can't quit here. Oh goodie, random play brought "Black" by Sarah McLachlan to the top of the stack. Just what I need to get moving and motivated (not).

I leave with some pics from the show Saturday. I'll have better ones soon and will post them in News & Events on the (new!) website. I was busy talking to people when there were people there so I didn't get pics of that and have to get them from Mary (one of the gallery owners). The guy in the one photo is Patrick--the other owner of the gallery. He is giving me attitude because I am not leaving my best series with them next but taking them to Texas.

And on the subject of the new website: Friday I got a thank-you-for-your-business letter from the company that is going to develop it for me and in it was a little box of chocolates! The chocolate was from another little company in the same town as the website developers (Rexburg Idaho). I was very impressed and the chocolate was very good (Dave, Jessie and I scarfed it down Friday night). Last night I got them the navigation diagram and all the content for the first eight pages. I am eager to see what they come up with (and very relieved that it is not me doing it!).


Barbara Muth said...

Brenda, have fun in Austin. My youngest sister made Austin her home. She loves it there.

Bill Paley said...

Work, work, work.