Friday, January 13, 2017

Wow Am I Glad I'm Married!

As I perused my inbox this morning I ran across this article sent to me by Knitting Daily called "Curse of the Love Sweater". It may look like a cheesy horror movie title, but apparently there is some bad mojo attached to knitting a sweater for your boyfriend. Manfriend. Womanfriend. Whatever. As I look back, I did knit a sweater for a boyfriend once, and we did break up (obviously), but I'm not convinced that the relationship was doomed by the sweater. And I do feel safe with the sweater I just knitted for Dave as it's the second one I have knitted for him and I gave him the first one over 20 years ago. Okay, bullet dodged, on with my day.

I would like to say I made something as cool as the metal clay box with a hinged lid that my friend Cynthia Morgan made, but, no. Except for my daily spinning, I seem to be on an entirely left-brain track right now. It was another day of Quicken and accounting--I even analyzed my little IRA and changed about 80% of the investments. The most creative thing I did today was take a picture 15 minutes ago for the 365 project. At first I just took a pic of Gallifrey because, hey, wolfhounds are always good for a photo op. But then I went up to J's room and took a pic of her succulent wreath inhabited by little kodama.

While we have to do a lot of cleaning and straightening tomorrow, and the administrative work for taxes and Quicken seems never-ending, there will be time not only for something creative this weekend, but also for some games of Dominion with the spouse. I love long weekends!


Bill said...

What is Dominion?

Brenda Griffith said...

It is a deck building game where everyone plays the same cards, and we have an iPhone app that randomizes which cards you use for a game. It is a great, not too long, 2+ person game.